Latest Sermons

Fr Andrew 24-12-22 Evening    “A moment to stop” 

Fr Andrew  11-12-22  Let’s find time for others.


Fr Cliff 4-12-22       Repentance is like weeding! 



Fr Cliff 20-11-22        A King chosen by God

Fr Brenton 6-11-22 A Defense Force Chaplain’s perspective

Fr Cliff 6-11-22   A troubled world

Sr Carol 23-10-22   How to Pray – be “Humble and Repentant”

Fr Andrew 16-10-22      Persistence in Prayer

Fr Cliff 9-10-22      Support by a friend.

Fr Andrew 2-10-22         “Faith”

Fr Cliff 25-9-22    “He” need us to share!

Fr Brenton 18-9-22     Possessions –  A matter of grave responsibility

Fr Andrew 28/8/22  Hospitality. Humility. Humility with hospitality. 

Fr Cliff 21/8/22  Proclaim the good news.

Fr Andrew 14/8/22 “Division” Lay aside the load

Fr Cliff 7/8/22   Are you dressed and ready for action?

Fr Andrew 24-7-22  Prayer, a sharing between friends.

Fr Andrew 26-6-22   Going on a journey


Fr Cliff 5-6-22   Pentecost – A time to take stock

Fr Andrew 22-5-22 Approaching the conclusion of the season of Easter


Fr Cliff 15-5-2022    Judas left the upper room.


Fr Andrew 8th May 2022

Father Cliff 1st May 2022

Father Daulby 24th April 2022

Father Andrew 10th April 2022

Father Andrew 3rd April 2022

Father Cliff 27th March 2022

Farther Andrew 20th March 2022

Father Jonathon 9th March 2022

Father Andrew 6th March 2022

Father Cliff 27th February 2022

Father Cliff 13th February 2022