Latest Sermons

Fr Cliff 25-9-22    “He” need us to share!

Fr Brenton 18-9-22     Possessions –  A matter of grave responsibility

Fr Andrew 28/8/22  Hospitality. Humility. Humility with hospitality. 

Fr Cliff 21/8/22  Proclaim the good news.

Fr Andrew 14/8/22 “Division” Lay aside the load

Fr Cliff 7/8/22   Are you dressed and ready for action?

Fr Andrew 24-7-22  Prayer, a sharing between friends.

Fr Andrew 26-6-22   Going on a journey


Fr Cliff 5-6-22   Pentecost – A time to take stock

Fr Andrew 22-5-22 Approaching the conclusion of the season of Easter


Fr Cliff 15-5-2022    Judas left the upper room.


Fr Andrew 8th May 2022

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