Latest Sermon

Rev Paula 14-7-24 “Michal’s Story – responding to violence against women”

Fr Peter Simmonds     “Job – so what is God’s capabilities?” Look at Job 38   v 1-11

Rev Carol 16-6-24 “The mustard seed – from little things big thing grow!”

Rev Carol 9-6-24  “Families – our Lord’s; our Church and our own”

Rebecca at St Hilary’s 19-5-24      “Pentecost – the start of the christian church”

Rev Carol 12-5-24   “Jesus tells us how to pray”

Fr Brenton 5-5-24    “Love as Jesus loved us”

Fr Brenton 21-4-24    “Pass the marmalade”

Rev Carol 14-4-24   “How do we know the risen Jesus today?”

Rebecca 7-4-24 Praise, Prayer & Proclamation Service “The Risen Jesus Revealed”

Rev Carol 31-3-24  “What difference does the Resurrection mean to you?”

Fr Brenton 24-3-24     Palm Sunday     “Being Humble”

Rev Carol 17-3-24   “We wish to see Jesus”

Rebecca Newell   3-3-24      Jesus with     “Righteous Anger”

Fr Brenton  25-2-24         “The Transfiguration of Jesus”

   Rev Carol 18-2-24   Satan trying to tempt Jesus

Rev. Carol 11-2-24 “Jesus heals the leper”

Rebecca 4-2-24    Jesus’s pattern   “Allocating time”

Fr Brenton 28-1-24 “Christ teaches with authority”

Rev Carol 21-1-24 “No-one is beyond forgiveness”

Rev Carol 14-1-24 “Listening to God’s Calling”

Fr Andrew 7-1-24 “Paying homage to Christ”